For over 10 years we have been inspired by beauty in its purest form. It is just this – the most exclusive image of beauty – that we can find in old wood, bricks formed by hand and their timeless character.

With just a narrow group of connoisseurs in mind, we acquire and process old building materials. Bricks formed by hand and old wooden beams charm us with their forms and the skills of old craftsmanship masters. They raise admiration and the wish to possess them. Crafted years ago, today they can weave themselves into the history of your house, and create a space with the “soul of history” in it.

Old wood

  • Bog oak floorboards
  • Oak floorboards
  • Oak cladding planks



  • Old brick
  • Floor tiles from cut bricks
  • Old roof tile


Metal parts

  • Old hand-wrought nails and bolts
  • Old hand-wrought hinges
  • Old cast iron windows and special items