Bog oak floorboards

Bog oak, also known as black oak, fossil oak, diamond oak or Polish ebony, is one of the rarest and most exclusive raw materials used for finishing interiors.

Bog oak is not the name of a tree species, but of oak trunks submerged in water. Oak trees which have found themselves under water, as a result of either natural events or human activity, undergo a wondrous transformation. The centuries-long process of reactions taking place between the tanning agents – oak wood compounds and salts contained in water - changes both the color and the properties of wood.

As a result of the above reactions, the wood becomes permanently dyed – to the color of intensively burnt coffee through graphite up to deep black.

The chemical and physical changes that take place over the centuries make the wood even harder, and due to increased density it becomes one of the most durable, and at the same time most difficult to process, species of wood known to the man.

We should add that in the past the use of bog oak was reserved only to kings and the most affluent gentry in Europe. It was used for manufacturing handmade period furniture, jewelry, and for making the most durable floors.

The hundreds of years needed for creating bog oak, together with its extremely challenging processing, required to reveal is full beauty, make it the most exclusive article in our offer.

Specially for our most demanding customers, we offer floorboards made of this noble wood.

Bog oak floorboards, manufactured in the interlocking system and ready for floor-laying.

  • Parameters black oak floorboards :
  • Length: 1.80 m - 4 m mix ,
  • Width : 15 - 23 cm mix ,
  • Thickness : 22 mm
  • Wood age 700 - 2000 years
  • The boards have stress relief grooves on the bottom side.
  • The board are suitable for laying raw (without impregnation) , for waxing, oiling, varnishing
  • The wood is not preserved chemically