Old bricks are a material which provides an almost unlimited range of applications. They blend splendidly both with period, rustic interiors and with avant-garde rooms. Manually formed bricks and tiles made of them combine the natural character of the raw material with the regular form of the finished element. Thanks to the wealth of textures and color shades, they can be easily matched to every surroundings, giving the impression of solidity and warmth.
Manually formed bricks are a material unique with respect to their structure, color palette and origin.

Ceramic and stone floors have been known for centuries. In present day interiors, introduction of antique accents and finishing elements of historical origins allows us to create an exceptional climate, and adds classic charm to the interiors.
Ceramics introduces the impression of eternal durability into the interior. Raw, durable and warm in the coloring, manually formed bricks are an idea floor material. The floor made of this material is resistant to the destructive influence of passing time, since when properly maintained it is extremely durable and remains unchanged even after dozens years of use. Such bricks are an irreplaceable material for building and finishing period cellars and pantries. The same applies to corridors, antechambers and terraces which join interiors with the garden or pavement in front of the house.

Floors made of bricks, besides their aesthetic values, allow also for maintaining the appropriate microclimate of the rooms, preserving constant temperature and humidity in every season of the year. During the summer heat waves, they give the feeling of pleasant coolness, and in winter maintain warmth for a long time.

In modern interiors, combining manually formed bricks and demolition wood softens the sterile character of the interior, and gives an antique, quiet flavor to the space of your dreams.