Old wood

With the individual needs of our customers in mind, we specialize in acquiring and processing old wood.

The beauty of old demolition wood reflects the carpentry mastership of centuries ago. This raw material owes its aesthetic values to a completely different acquisition philosophy and processing technology than those used presently. The best example is conifer wood. In the past, conifers were felled down as live trees – without prior resin tapping. Thanks to this, the floorboards that we produce from such wood have exceptional durability and unique color – from intensive yellow to deep salmon one.

The aesthetics of cladding planks, old floors and demolition beams is resistant to periodical fashions and changing architectonical styles. A doubtless advantage of selecting our products is the fact that old wooden floor will always look very attractively, and when made of solid wood will last even a few hundred years.

An especially noteworthy item in our offer is bog oak, also known as fossil oak, black oak or Polish ebony. It is doubtlessly the most exclusive and sought-after kind of European wood. Bog oak is often called a “jewel of carpentry art”, since it is an eternal raw material and, like every jewel, represents a historical and heritage value for many generations.

Old wood will best complement the period character of a house with historical architecture, and will also give a special flavor to contemporary and avant-garde interiors.